Delegation Service

  Your appearance, self-presentation and accommodation of the spoken and unspoken wishes of your international guests play a major role in how your organization is judged. The collaboration you wish for depends above all for delegations from relationship-oriented cultures on whether your guests feel that you have taken good care of them, accepted and tried to understand them. The creation of a reliable culture of trust is thus the basis of business success. Perceptions and expectations vary considerably from culture to culture.

Leave nothing to chance:

  • Put the care of your guests into the hands of interculturally trained professionals
  • With our support create a solid basis of trust for all subsequent activities
  • Find out about yourself and the attractions of Germany in an appealing and impressive way
  • With our help avoid those failures that are the results of inadequate knowledge and lack of experience of other ways of thinking and living.

With positive experiences we can offer your partners a better understanding of the business context and social background in Germany and thus make a major contribution to better understanding. We will ensure that your guests feel comfortable during their stay in Germany.